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Animation & Web

3D animations / product films

Product videos and  presentations are created from the data we also use for 3D photorealistic renderings. Everything is possible, from the demonstration of a simple technical process to the animation of a stunning promotional video. Short 3D animation films are often used for training purposes or to explain the product in a sales meeting. Elaborate high-end 3D animations are regularly used for marketing purposes.

Dienstleistung - Animation und Web

3D models on the web / augmented reality (in the real world)

Stand out from others and let your products shine in other dimensions. Whether showcasing a 3D model of your product directly on your website instead of photos or augmented reality via smartphones and tablets, with which the customer can view the product live at home.

360° interactive 3D product preview

One step closer to reality!
With the 360° interactive 3D product preview , you can view your products from any angle, directly in the browser. CAD files are prepared by us and optimized for the web view.

Augmented reality support

For all smartphone users, we also offer the option of placing the 3D model directly in the real world using AR technology and their very own phone camera.

360° horizontal rotation (frame basis)

Based on 3D visualizations, interactive 360° models can be implemented quickly and easily. They give a perfect all-round view of a product and make it more tangible than a mere photo could.

Reducing the amount of data

Last but not least, we offer the option of reducing the size of CAD files. For this we use the procedure of polygon reduction / -simplification. Depending on the permitted degree of simplification, which can be determined jointly in briefings, size reductions of an average of 75% can be achieved here. This becomes relevant when complex CAD data is to be presented online.

Video production

Using 3D models, we create photorealistic videos.
Perfect for assembly instructions, product presentations and much more.