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3D visualizations are used when photography and video production reach their limits. Equipment or devices are often too large to be photographed in a studio, or shipping them to the photographer and setting them up requires enormous resources.

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Even if products are still in the development phase, realistic visualizations of the later product can be delivered at an early stage with renderings. Colors, materials and surface quality can be changed as desired. The inner workings of a product can be presented with sectional and exploded views. Combined with 360° rotations and 3D animations, the product presentation becomes a highlight and perfectly showcases product benefits.

In the majority of our projects we work on the creation of technical product visualizations. With our technical understanding, we can understand complex processes very quickly and translate them into 3D animations.

Construction data are the perfect basis for photorealistic 3D representations. In most cases, 3D CAD data is available on the customer side. The exchange formats *.step or *.iges are best suited as the transfer format. Of course, we can also import, convert, edit and export other 2D and 3D data.

For photorealistic 3D visualization, it is essential to reproduce materials and surfaces as faithfully as possible to the original. Complex textures are created on the basis of material samples or photos of a comparable product, or we draw on our extensive material library.

Light and shadow have the property of staging a product perfectly. Luckily we can freeze the light settings in the virtual world and have them work exactly on many different products. Fine individual adjustments give each product its individual shine.
In this way, entire product series can be displayed in a constant lighting situation.

The renderings receive their finishing touches after the final image calculation. State-of-the-art image and video editing software let the 3D visualizations shine in the final high-end look. We deliver high-resolution pixel graphics and films in the desired resolution and in all common data formats.

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Big things always come from small things
Catalog productions of over 1000 pages, with a wide range of content and customer-oriented designs are not uncommon for us and are part of our daily work.

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To make access to your products and services even easier, we are bringing traditional print products into the 21st century.

Online catalogs provide you with a wide range of new functions.

The catalog of a corporation not only presents its products and services, but is also a flagship of the company. Be it in the classic print way or online.

With the help of our wide-ranging databases, we ensure that your catalogs are always up to date. The creation of databases based on old existing catalogs or databases is also part of our day-to-day business.

Customer satisfaction begins with detailed and self-explanatory assembly instructions. Especially in highly technical areas, the step-by-step explanation is essential for safe and successful assembly.

The advantages of our assembly instructions at a glance:

  • textless assembly instructions or assembly instructions with text
  • Self-explanatory symbolism
  • Legal protection through compliance with standards
  • Greater safety for the customer thanks to clear instructions
  • Relief of customer service and service hotline
  • Link to an assembly video via QR code
  • Listing of optional and separately ordered accessories
  • List of tools needed
  • Printable and internet compatible

Construction data are the perfect basis for photorealistic 3D representations. In most cases, 3D CAD data is available on the customer side. The exchange formats *.step or *.iges are best suited as the transfer format. Of course, we can also import, convert, edit and export other 2D and 3D data.

Dimensioned drawings in accordance with DIN provide the customer with precise information on the size of the product.
In this way, even small differences become visible in similar products.

Exploded drawings show the individual parts of the product and can therefore easily illustrate the technical inner workings.

Labels with line drawings allow products to be quickly recognized and differentiated at a glance.

Discover the many possibilities of the media library PDF.

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As the world evolves around us, so do your products and services.

In order to keep an overview here, we develop databases and tools individually adapted to your needs, so that you and your customers are always up to date.
We create the interfaces between your data and the product that your customer is holding in their hands.

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  • Creation of database applications
  • Automatic generation of catalogues, brochures, flyers and much more.
  • Individual workflow solutions
  • product configurators
  • Adaptation of product specifications
  • Price update
  • Interfaces to merchandise management systems
  • Interfaces to layout programs
  • Interfaces to CAD programs
  • Interfaces to graphics and image processing programs

Every database solution and workflow is unique.
That’s why we work closely with you to find the best possible solution.

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Digital Assets

As digitalization progresses, web-enabled assets are becoming increasingly important.
From photorealistic images to interactive 3D views. The demands of users are constantly growing.

360° viewer

your 360 images

3D viewer

Technical drawings can also be exported from this 3D data.

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Single images for integration into a website
Operation via mouse, touchpad and autoplay
Reducing the amount of data
Last but not least, we have the option of reducing the size of CAD data. For this we use the procedure of polygon reduction / -simplification. Depending on the permitted degree of simplification, which can be determined jointly in workshops, size reductions of an average of 75% can be achieved here. This becomes relevant when complex CAD data is to be presented online.

One step closer to reality!
With the 360° interactive 3D product preview, you can view your products from any angle, directly in the browser. CAD data are prepared by us and optimized for the web view.

Moving product presentations are created from the data created for 3D still images. Everything is possible, from the presentation of a simple technical process to the animation of a complex process. Short 3D animation films are often used for training purposes or to explain the product in a sales meeting. Elaborate high-end 3D animations are often used for marketing purposes.

For all smartphone users, we also offer the option of placing the 3D model directly in the real world using the camera.

Using 3D data, we create photorealistic videos.
Perfect for assembly instructions, product presentations and much more.