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High-end 3D visualizations

3D visualizations are used when photography and video production reach their limits. Machinery or devices are often far too large to be photographed in a studio, or sending them to the photographer and setting them up require enormous resources in terms of time and money.
Even if products are still in the development phase, realistic visualizations of the later product can be delivered at an early stage with renderings. Colors, materials and surface quality can be changed as desired. The inner workings of a product can be presented with sectional and exploded views. Combined with 360° rotations and 3D animations, the product presentation becomes a highlight and perfectly showcases product benefits.

In the majority of our projects we work on the creation of technical product visualizations. With our technical understanding, we can understand complex processes very quickly and convert them into 3D animations.

Konzept Renderings

3D CAD data as a basis

Construction data are the perfect basis for photorealistic 3D representations. In most cases, 3D CAD data is available on the customer side. The exchange formats *.step or *.iges are best suited as the transfer format. Of course, we can also import, convert, edit and export other 2D and 3D data.

Material creation

For photorealistic 3D visualization, it is essential to reproduce materials and surfaces as faithfully as possible to the original. Complex textures are created on the basis of material samples or photos of a comparable product, or we draw on our extensive material library.

Perfect illumination

Light and shadow have the property of staging a product perfectly. Luckily we can freeze the light settings in the virtual world and have them work exactly on many different products. Fine individual adjustments give each product its individual shine.
In this way, entire product series can be displayed in a constant lighting situation.

Renderings materialien nachher Afterward
Renderings materialien vorher Previously

Post processing

The renderings receive their finishing touches after the final image calculation. State-of-the-art image and video editing software let the 3D visualizations shine in the final high-end look. We deliver high-resolution pixel graphics and films in the desired resolution and in all common data formats.

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