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Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions - step by step to the final product

Customer satisfaction begins with detailed and self-explanatory assembly instructions. Especially in highly technical areas, the step-by-step explanation is essential for safe and successful assembly.

The advantages of our assembly instructions at a glance:

Dienstleistung - Montageanleitungen

3D CAD files as the basis

Construction and design data are the perfect basis for photorealistic 3D representations. In most cases, 3D CAD data is provided by the customer. The exchange formats *.step or *.iges are best suited as the transfer format. Of course, we can also import, convert, edit and export other 2D and 3D data.

Creation of line drawings

Thanks to detailed CAD data, we have the opportunity to virtually break down the product into its individual parts and to position them in the desired view.
The finished line drawing is vector-based and can be scaled infinitely without loss of quality. This enables us to optimally stage even difficult or very small details.

Creation of the assembly picture

Each individual assembly step is created from the cleaned line drawings. Where necessary, we can also supplement drawings or create them ourselves based on templates (e.g. photos). Tools to be used, directional arrows or hands are added for clarity. In addition, we develop symbols so that the customer can see at a glance what is important to the individual assembly step.

Creation of the assembly document

We compose the individual assembly steps clearly and CI-compliantly in our typesetting-program so that the customer can find his way around with ease. This includes the required tools and scope of delivery or warnings as well as the assembly steps themselves.

As an end product, we offer coherent and easy-to-understand assembly instructions in compatible with print and internet media, which will increase your customers’ satisfaction.

Dimensional drawings, exploded views, labels

Dimensioned drawings according to DIN give the customer precise information about the size of the product.
This way, even small differences become visible in similar products.

Exploded views show the individual parts of the product and thus easily show the technical inner workings.

Labels with line drawings allow products to be quickly identified and differentiated at a glance.

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